B2B media is more diverse than ever before. Diversity is an amazing thing – it breeds innovation and creativity. But B2B media needs structure and transparency. That’s where we come in.


B2B media has become far more exciting over the past ten years. Innovation in technology and the importance of technology in our everyday lives has revolutionised the world we live in. 

At work most of us can’t imagine a day where we wouldn’t switch from various devices communicating via any number of electronic means. The ability of technology to improve processes, and enable us to benchmark our efficiency is unparalleled. And the rise of numerous technology companies has led to an entire B2B technology marketing and media industry in of itself.The speed of the marketing technologies and channels available to technology marketers, has made the B2B world of ten years ago utterly foreign, to professionals working in this industry today. The speed of change, has on occasion, meant that the technologies have moved faster than the people and processes required to make the most of them. The agency world has clearly recognised the need for B2B specialists as all of the major advertising groups have either bought or developed, specialist B2B teams.

Media Forty Two has been created with the goal of helping agencies and B2B marketers, not merely to understand the technologies or the channels available, but how these technologies, publishers and channels need to be understood as one, to ensure campaigns are efficient. We are fully transparent in how we operate which means:

  • We charge a transparent margin
  • When working with publishers we explain the technologies and channels being used to generate an audience
  • We act as an intermediary between partner and client – but we strongly advise a communication line – we have nothing to hide and no agenda
  • We do not provide our own technology or publisher solutions – we have no vested interests


Media Forty Two is a specialist B2B consultancy and media buying agent. By helping our clients understand channel transparency, and competitive media purchasing we believe we can improve efficiency.

ABM display solutions

We help you understand what unique identifier is being targeted – is it a mobile device ID or a business IP address? If a shared business IP address we help you ensure you target your campaigns to eliminate wasteful impressions

Email marketing

What is the real cost of an unsubscribe and how can you use third parties to re-subscribe individuals who have previously dropped off? Are your IPs spam listed and what is your email delivery?

Planning automation journeys

Often automation journeys are set on false assumptions – how do you eliminate the retargeting of bounces? When retargeting email actions are you taking unsubscribes and spam listings into account?

Buying B2B media in a fully transparent fashion

How many suppliers across channels are outsourcing? Who is buying from where and if you don’t know the true source of the personal data being supplied how can you ensure compliance?

Demand generation and named account activity

If campaigns are too complicated engagement drops like a stone. We help you find the right balance to ensure suppliers can generate engaged leads

Campaign benchmarking solutions

We’ll help you simplify and break down your attribution process into a step by step process that will ensure you learn as you go, and you don’t spend more time analysing, than doing

Event and exhibition audience analysis

Exhibition media packs can be inaccurate – how do you get behind the scenes to really understand the audience match rate and how relevant the attendees are to your products and services?



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