The Undiscovered Country

In Hamlet’s famous ‘to be or not to be’ soliloquy he uses the phrase ‘The Undiscovered Country’ to refer to the lack of knowledge about the afterlife, and the fear of it. It would be far more impressive if I knew this, as a result of a solid knowledge of Shakespeare, but clearly the only reason I’m familiar with this turn of phrase is because it is also the title of Star Trek Six. Star Trek stretches the term somewhat to mean ‘the future’ – an idea I’m slightly more fond of than death. For me ‘the future’ always meant starting my own business and it has always seemed a fair distance away. Today I woke up and I realised that my future had arrived.

Thus the self indulgent opening complete, having worked for several B2B media organisations over the past thirteen years, I have realised there are many things I’d like to see changed and taking further employment wasn’t going to be the way to impact those changes. Too many media organisations have ‘preferential trading agreements’ where they make money back by buying from particular suppliers. Too many marketers are struggling to understand what advertising technologies can do for them as they get tied up in jargon. And too many publishers are unable to explain the origination of their data and ensure their clients are sufficiently protected in an ever changing regulatory environment.

An industry I love has spent so much energy focussing on technology that people and processes have been forgotten. At Media Forty Two I’m commited to ensuring that the organisations we work with feel comfortable with the media they buy. We’ll be helping to ensure customer journey’s are the focus and that technology stacks are as simple as possible to ensure the journey required is realistic. We’ll also be explaining the knock on effects when customer journeys become too complicated.

Our role is not to preach or to teach experienced media and marketing professionals to suck eggs. Our role will be to advise where such advice is requested, in a fully transparent manner. Our clients won’t ever be given cause to believe we could gain financially by pushing a particular supplier. And we’ll always be fair with publishers and partners ensuring they receive the feedback they require to improve their services.

Media Forty Two is a new member of a much bigger eco system that deserves respect. Not so much respect that we can’t bring about some positive change however.




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